Park Avenue Pier Unit Cabinet Bed

107 Wall Unit

A customizable statement piece that can fit into homes in need of something extra. Made with high-quality North American wood, the functional convenience of this furniture appeals to anyone wanting to streamline their furniture.


  1. Love it! Is it a queen? Cost and availability? Edmonton area

    1. Hi Lisa the product is made in BC and we can ship to Edmonton. The canadian deluxe starter model with a 6″ trifold mattress is $3149 . Please email me more specific of what
      you were thinking off. How soon do you need them ? Turn around could be 1 week if in stock to 4to 6 weeks .email me more details you are looking for at

      thank you

  2. What is the dimensions of this bed and what thickness of mattress can I get. Is it a memory foam or gel mattress are there options for a mattress.
    Also prices of queen size cabinet beds

    1. Author

      Hi Brian, sorry for the delayed response. The dimensions for the queen is 67.5″ wide, 25″ deep, 42.5″ high. We have 6 different mattresses from 4″ to 6″ and the models are all foam, flippable foam, foam plus 2″ latex, foam plus 1″ or 2″ memory foam, all latex.
      Prices for the BC Made Cabinet Bed with a gel memory foam mattress starts at $2799. The Made overseas model is $1999 including a gel memory foam mattress.

    2. Hi Brian
      Sorry for the delay. Thank you for your inquiry . The measurements of the (queen cabinet)bed are 42.5″ H x66.5 “W x25″D open is 83” . Double 42.5″H x61.5W x 25″D 77″open. The thickness of the mattress is 6″ There are 6 options starting at 6″ soy foam , memory foam and gel mattress and flappable one side med the other firm using soy foam also latex 2″with 4″foam and a 6″latex. If you have any further questions email

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