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Are Cabinet Beds Sturdy?

A bed is, generally speaking, the largest piece of furniture in a home. And with space at a premium in cities and urban centres, an alternative option to a traditional bed is appealing. And there are plenty of options to choose from. From a futon, to a hide-a-bed, to a Murphy bed/wall bed, to a cabinet bed.

Some options are better than others for every day use. If a fold away bed is going to be your nightly resting place, you want it to be both comfortable and sturdy. So that usually eliminated futons and hide-a-beds (or sofa beds), and leaves Murphy beds and cabinet beds to choose from.

Both have benefits and drawbacks. But since cabinet beds haven’t been around as long as Murphy beds, people are less familiar with the many positive traits of these clever inventions. And they often wonder if cabinet beds are comfortable and sturdy.

What is a cabinet bed?

A cabinet bed is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that serves as both a bed and a cabinet. When closed up, it’s hard to believe that it houses a whole bed inside of it. And then with a few simple maneuvers – open some doors and drawers and pull a handle – a bed appears!

Are cabinet beds sturdy?

Cabinet beds most certainly are sturdy. Each cabinet bed is made using North American lumber and wood materials. They are not the type of furniture that comes in pieces made of particle board and cheap metals, that are do-it-yourself projects and that only last a year or two.

Instead, they are built to order with durable materials. Each component, from the wood to the finishings, is sourced with quality in mind. They have strong brackets and hinges, and top of the line materials that allow for the bed to move smoothly into its cabinet form and back.

Once you see a cabinet bed in person, you can tell just by looking at it that they are heavy, solidly built, and are sure to be a reliable piece of furniture.

Are cabinet beds comfortable?

Some people might fear that cabinet beds couldn’t possible be comfortable. It’s hard for the brain to compute that something that looks like a side table/buffet could create a proper sleeping surface.

But the mattress that comes with cabinet beds is high quality and comes in a number of different size and firmness options. And since it folds out to lay flat on a platform, there are no lumps or metal bars poking through.

People downsize their sleeping space for many reasons. And finding an option that is both comfortable and sturdy might seem like a challenge. But cabinet beds in Canada are an excellent choice because they are designed and manufactured with quality and comfort as priorities.


If you are looking for a cabinet bed in Canada, we would be happy to assist you in your search. We’d love to discuss the details of how a cabinet bed might work for you.

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