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Small Apartment with a Large Social Life? Use a Cabinet Bed to Host Your Guests

As the world is becoming a more welcoming place, the buzz of travel and visits is everywhere. People are ready and excited to get on the road to go and see friends and family, and to enjoy each other’s company face to face.

Not everyone has the option of offering a multi-bedroom place, with full guest beds in case a visitor shows up at the door. But there are options to have a comfortable second bed, even if you live in a small space.

We are talking about cabinet beds, of course. Gone are the days of heavy, lumpy pull out sofas that leave your guests wishing they’d stayed in a hotel. Gone are the days of futons and blow up mattresses and foam roll up mattresses laid out on the floor. 

That’s right – it’s the era of the cabinet bed. Here’s why cabinet beds are the solution to sleepovers, visitors, and bringing a space from small to spacious.

Cabinet Beds are Incognito

Cabinet beds have a small footprint when they are folded up. So, they blend into the rest of the furniture, moonlighting as a gorgeous credenza-type item in the home. Then, with a few simple maneuvers, the doors open, a mattress folds out, and you have a high-quality bed to offer guests.

Instead of having a large sofa that you don’t really like or want, or having a Murphy bed take up a whole wall, a cabinet bed is a lovely piece of furniture. 

And the beautiful thing about them is that you can customize them to fit your style and décor. There are a range of colours and finishings to choose from. As well as several models to help you find one which will fit your exact needs. Whether your interior design style is country, modern, boho, or contemporary, there is a cabinet bed that will complement your home.

Cabinet Beds are Comfortable

One of the best things about cabinet beds is that they each come with a tri-fold high quality dense foam mattress that lays flat on a platform. No lumps, no bars, no sag. We hear time and again that people have really great sleeps on cabinet beds. In fact, many people who live in small spaces have made the switch to using their cabinet bed as their primary bed, in order to optimize the space in their home.

Since the materials in cabinet beds are high quality, cabinet beds are made to last many, many years. These are not the kind of lightweight, particle board items that you know are going to start squeaking and loosening up after just a few months. Cabinet beds are designed and made to stand the test of time! Therefore, they can support a person every night or guests on occasion.

Cabinet Beds are the Best for Small Homes

Space is at a premium in the city; and beds takes up a good chunk of space in any home. Let alone multiple beds. But some of the people who rave the most about cabinet beds are people who have downsized from a larger home into a smaller apartment. And that means they have to get used to using their space more thoughtfully. 

Some of the most common cabinet bed customers include seniors, students, and empty nesters who wanted to get rid of the big family home. Cabinet beds are also great for small cabins, or a spare room that doubles as gym or art room. In other words, regular beds are really large but you don’t have to commit to just one with cabinet beds.  You can still have an amazing space to offer friends and family when they come to visit. 

In conclusion, cabinet beds are one of those things that you don’t know what you’re missing until you see for yourself. They are an amazing space saving solution for anyone looking to have a great bed to offer guests (or to sleep on themselves) without having to give up limited space to a bulky bed. If you have any questions about whether or not a cabinet bed is right for your space – including the measurements and design, we would love to answer them for you!

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