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Why You Need a Cabinet Bed for the Holidays?

The holidays mean different things to different people. For some, it means hopping on a plane and going somewhere sunny and warm. For others, it means taking some time to relax, cook and eat good food. Perhaps even opening up your home to guests and hosting company.

There are a couple of things that can make or break having friends and family spend time in your space. This is especially true if they are coming for an extended stay. Perhaps the most essential thing to offer is a comfortable bed so that everyone gets the rest they need and deserve.

Not everyone has the room in their home for a spare bedroom dedicated to an extra queen-sized bed. So, what are the options? 

Cabinet Beds to the Rescue…

This is where a cabinet bed becomes a great idea. With this investment, you are solving all of your space and comfort issues at once. 

Cabinet beds are a great way to be ready for company over the holidays. You can welcome guests without having to sacrifice a whole room in your home to store a comfortable bed. 

These Clever Inventions Cover All the Bases…

  • They are sturdy and made in Canada. Cabinet beds are made with solid materials and high-quality furnishings. Combined, this allows you to relax knowing that you are supported throughout the night without worrying about metal bars digging into your back or your mattress sagging in the middle. The platform is a sturdy base that holds a very comfortable tri-fold which is specially designed for our cabinet bed mattress, resulting in a sound night’s sleep.
  • They fold up into a beautiful, inconspicuous piece of furniture. Unlike some foldaway beds, cabinet beds are hidden within a gorgeous stand alone cabinet that can be customized to suit your interior décor. Cabinet beds come in a wide range of colours and finishes, and have different style options to choose from to make it a great addition to your home, rather than an extra piece of furniture that takes up space are rarely gets used. They can double as your TV stand and are sturdy enough to hold a big flat screen TV.
  • They are novel and still functional. More and more people are actually turning to cabinet beds for their primary sleeping space, especially in smaller apartments where space is at a premium. And once you see how smartly designed they are – a few simple actions turns the 

Offering your guests a hide-a-bed tucked into a sofa is one way to go about it, but we all know that not everyone gets a good sleep. While 

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