black closed cottage cabinet bed

Cottage Cabinet Bed

The Cottage Cabinet Bed is a stunning space-saving solution that can be used in almost any room in the house. The gorgeous design is the perfect addition for rustic chic or contemporary decor, with the added bonus of containing a comfortable, high-quality mattress. Customize your own paint or stain options, along with the hardware to create the furniture piece of your dreams.

The Cottage Cabinet Bed opens to a double or queen mattress, which is supported on a strong and sturdy frame for a restful sleep. Rest assured that you can store a large flat-screen TV or use the closed cabinet like a bookshelf, and add an optional AC outlet or USB port to get the most out of this multi-purpose furniture.

This Canadian-made product is hand crafted with real wood and manufactured with care. With more than 20 years of furniture design and building experience, the attention to detail and commitment to quality sets the Cottage Cabinet Bed apart from the rest.

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