Study Buddy Cabinet Bed

Study Buddy Cabinet Bed

When functionality is the top priority, enjoy the added desk feature to turn one piece of furniture into three. This Cabinet Bed is free-standing, and unlike a Murphy Bed, makes the most of the space. Available in all sizes (Queen, Double and Twin), convert your workspace into your sleep space in under 30 seconds.


  1. Hi, is the study buddy available in the different finishes as well?
    Also, what are the overall measurements please?

    1. Author

      The prices range depending on your needs

      As for measurements please email us and we can send them over or if you have any other questions you may have, please email us at for further help

  2. Hi
    I live just north or montreal ,quebec and want to buy queen study buddy cabinet bed.
    Need price and info to buy one.

  3. Please email full particulars for the Study Buddy.
    Dimensions of cabinet and bed.
    removability of study shelf when converting to bed.

    Thank You.

    C. Lawrence Blancher

    1. Author

      Hi Lawrence the study buddy comes in 3 sizes twin double and queen. There are 9 stain option available and 6 mattress choices. You can email me what size your looking at

    1. Hi Daniel

      The study buddy has several stains and mattress options. A Starter price would be for a queen size $4199 with a 6″ mattress.

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