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What Type of Mattress is in a Cabinet Bed

Fold away beds don’t always invoke thoughts of a comfortable sleep. We tend to associate Murphy beds and hide-a-beds with lumpy, stale-smelling mattresses made of old, disintegrating foam.

That is why one of the questions most asked about Cabinet Beds is: “What type of mattress is in a cabinet bed?” People want to know what material the mattresses are made of and what size they come in. It’s an important question —no one wants to live the painful nights of sleep of days gone by.

We are happy to report that the makers and manufacturers of Cabinet Beds have learned lessons from the past. Today, Cabinet Beds have high-quality mattresses that are both light and sturdy, that even the most particular people will be able to fall asleep on.

Made with high-quality foam or latex materials, Cabinet Bed mattresses make for an excellent sleep. They are resistant and long-lasting, and just because they conveniently fold up does not mean they are going to break down.

As for size, Cabinet Beds mattresses are typically 59″ x 18″ x 9”, just shy of a Queen size mattresses. This convenient size is perfect for one or two people to sleep comfortably, and standard queen-sized linens can be used.

There are many reasons why people choose Cabinet Beds these days. They are an ingenious way to save space for smaller apartments or the spare room that doubles as an office; they are sleek and stylish and come with an array of design options. There are Cabinet Beds options for any design aesthetic so that they blend in with the look of the room.

But the best part is that they also come with nearly queen-sized, high-quality foam and latex mattresses so that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and sleep for a space-saving solution.

Cabinet Beds are changing the way people think about both fold up beds. We don’t want to say they are the beds of the future… but they might be!

If you are invested in knowing more about the mattresses in Cabinet Beds, or any other aspect of Cabinet Beds and whether or not they might work for you, contact us today.


    1. The thickest mattress is 6″ anything thicker the cabinet can not shut

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