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Why Choose Cabinet Bed?

Three words that perfectly capture the experience of owning the revolutionary space-saving cabinet bed.

  1. Quality
  2. Convenience
  3. Comfort.


Quality of Cabinet Bed

Each cabinet bed is hand made with top-quality North American materials, including 1” Birch plywood from the US. No flimsy particle board here. All hardware inside and out is made of premium materials and manufactured in Canada, and the quality workmanship from local tradespeople ensures a smooth and controlled open and closure to transform the unit into a bed. Each unit is made to comfortably support up to 500 lbs and built to last a lifetime.


The Convenience of Cabinet Bed

Cabinet beds come in a wide variety of designs and options so they are ready to conveniently and effortlessly merge into your home or office and transform your space. With so many options to choose from, these free-standing and space-saving beds will blend into or complement any style of decor. They are multi-functional and are designed to easily support a TV to enhance the comfort of any room. Convenience also describes how simple it is to convert the unit from a cabinet into a comfortable spot to rest your head. With a few simple moves, you will be amazed at how smoothly the bed unfolds.


Comfort Cabinet Bed

Even if you have specific needs when it comes to your mattress, cabinet beds can be customized to enhance the quality of your sleep. Choose from seven different types of high-end mattresses, including latex and memory foam options. You don’t have have to sacrifice comfort for space with cabinet beds. For foam mattresses, cabinet beds use only the highest quality foams to ensure that you can sleep easy knowing you will be resting on a safe, durable Certi-our US certified mattress.


Features of Cabinet Bed

Cabinet beds feature the latest in style, design, and comfort and anyone at any age can find or design exactly what they are looking for. Space-saving cabinet beds are available with Twin/Double and Queen-sized mattresses and come in a wide range of mattress materials to choose from.

Not sure if a cabinet bed will match your style? Don’t worry. There are multiple stain options, hardware and exterior cabinet designs to complement any style and decor. From rustic to modern, cabinet beds are here to enhance any interior.

Worried that you don’t have the strength to transform the bed on your own? Cabinet beds are specially designed for 30-second setup time and the mechanisms make the transformation smooth and simple so there is no struggle at all.


Advantages of Cabinet Bed Over Sofa Bed

What comes to mind when you think of a sofa bed? For many, it’s a heavy, clunky contraption that takes a lot of strength to unfold and a lumpy mattress to sleep on. Cabinet beds have revolutionized how we think about multi-functional furniture units.

Cabinet beds transform any room in the home or office to a comfortable spot for sleeping. The attractive, beautifully built piece of furniture will be a focal point and guests will have no idea that there is a bed inside. Cabinet beds convert into a bed and fold up smoothly and effortlessly, and they are designed and built to last a lifetime.

Purchasing a cabinet bed is a decision you will not regret.

What we offer

If you are considering a cabinet bed for your home, office, or secondary property, you are making an excellent decision you will not regret. Combine the exact features you want, including mattress size, cabinet style, hardware and colour to complement any space set up you have. Cabinet Bed Canada is designed with quality, convenience, and comfort in mind.


With the purchase of every cabinet bed, enjoy free delivery and set up. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new life-changing cabinet bed.


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